Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Exes and Owes

A quick note for your consideration. When we sign off a message with “hugs and kisses,” we write xoxo, x for a kiss, o for a hug. When we draw a dead stick figure, we put x’s on his eyes (as opposed to the more realistic flat lines, which are used for the eyes of stick figures who are asleep or Asian… or both). Coincidence? Ever heard of the kiss of death? Ok, fine, it makes no sense. Forget I said anything

Top two things that are quick and dirty:

1. The draft I have prepared for a new article.
2. Break-up sex.

All right, I admit, I really didn’t have anything to write regarding the title of this post, but I had to write something, because, come on, how awesome is that title? I guess I’m in debt for college loans, but I don’t have collection agencies on me about it, let alone much fiercer creditors like my friends. And I don’t have any exes, because either I’ve never had a relationship, or they’ve all ended in murder. Awkward silence.

Anyway, I might need to hire someone who’s more familiar with the subjects, like I don’t know, Kevin Federline or Joey Tribbiani.


kwarterlifecrisis said...

That IS a great title. Don't you just love that when you come up with the most awesome name for a post? I do. My favorite of my own so far was one where I wrote about UTI's and called it 'The princess and the pee.' I am, like, SO clever. ;)

kwarterlifecrisis said...

Oh, and go Colts! :)