Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A one question picture quiz

Someone gave me an idea for a post (ok fine, it was myself). What is the deal with that picture you've got up?

Well, I'll give you multiple choice:

A. It was a picture of me doing an imitation of a retarded man who lived two apartments down from us in college. This guy had a really bad speech problem, and generally sounded like the rudest impression of a retard you've ever heard, but a little more snarly and less intelligible. And one day, Randy (we named him Randy after one of my friends-- his real name was Sam) came over and gave us a Van Halen CD, and tried to explain to us that he didn't know who was on it because he couldn't see, and kept putting his hands over his eyes. We made fun of him for weeks behind his back, and never gave the CD back.

B. I am playing charades, trying to act out "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

C. I just got maced. But it was really funny mace.

D. I am jokingly covering my eyes as I retell the story of finding my roommate making out with my friend from Chicago that he didn't really know. And the making out and subsequent finding-by-me had happened the night before. On the exact patio I was standing on in the picture. Mere seconds after the picture was taken, my roommate's embarrassment turned to anger and he tackled me into the wall, irreparably tearing my shirt.

E. I am wiping tears of laughter from my face at the prospect of my roommate making out with retarded Randy who lives two apartments down.


crysOakleee said...

F. That isn't really you in the picture at all. YES, I win!

tiff said...

aw, I was gonna vote D before crysoaklee gave away the ending, i'm presuming. well tell whoever is in the picture to call me - so adorable, pink bracelet and all.

A Lil' Irish Lass said...

I'm voting B (but I was totally pulling for A the whole time).

fort knocks said...

Crystal, you are a lying, cheating, whorrible falsifier. That is absocertainly I, pink bracelet and all (I know, I'm so pinchably cute, right Tiff?).

kwarterlifecrisis said...

I'm going with D. But I wish it was C. And that I had some of that funny mace right now. I spent the morning creating fake snow and, well, I need something that A) is funny and B) damages my eyes so that I can no longer work and therefore be forced to go home.