Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First I would just like to get to know you-- who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Well, a few people have stumbled across my blog (only a very few would do something so foolish on purpose) by using Google. This is a new thing for me. Apparently I am listed on the first page for a few search terms including a #2 rank for the phrases "undershirts everyday" and "Europeans and undershirts." I'm telling you, that's the benefit of using terms that most people don't use, like "undershirt" instead of "t-shirt." So that anyone else who uses the same term to search will find you! and not what he was really looking for.

I am more interested to announce, however, that someone found me by Googling "Impatiens, Fort Knocks." I cannot but think this person was looking for this site. But it probably wasn't someone whose blog I commented on... because the person would have just followed the links to me, right? So I guess someone came across this page and was just not-bored enough by it to want to swing by and see if it had gotten not-boring enough to read yet. Well, no such luck on that, I'm afraid.

But now I have to wonder... is that what really happened? I don't know anyone from New York (oh, yeah, it was a New Yorker), so I don't see what else it could be. And guess whether the mysterious peeker left a comment.

Of course not. Who are you, strange IP, that is interested enough to search for me, but not enough to say, "Hey, Fort Knocks, now you're only barely too boring to read," to which I would weep with equal parts joy, sorrow and Cubs-fan malaise, promising and begging with the alternate halves of my heart for better days.

How is it that I can get text messages, TEXT MESSAGES, from unsolicited sources, from marketers and from foreign personal callers with a subtle sexual bent, and not so much as a comment from someone who puts me at the top of the "almost not-boring" list?!

I've looked at other blogs before, I've flirted in my head, but any time I've gone back for a second look, I say, "Hey. Here I am. I like your moves. I dig your style." Except I don't sound so gay-- or maybe I do. Anyway, you're getting me off the point. The point is... I wonder who that was? What did I do right to attract the attention? What can I do better?

The only time I ever searched for a specific blog was when I had commented on it in politically forceful-ish language. It wasn't that bad. But all I remembered from the blog was that it was by a Jewish woman who had mentioned the Democrats' nominating Hillary, and said, "oh boy, oh boy, wouldn't Conservatives love that!" So there I was, trying to google "Hillary Jewish boy love" and "oh boy oh boy conservative Hillary Jew," and I just couldn't keep it up for long.

Besides, people walk past my back at work and can see my screen. I just hope they can't check my history.


crysOakleee said...

whoa, how do you track all that? So, when I go visit random people's blogs, they know where I'm coming from?? Weird!

A Lil' Irish Lass said...

You can imagine my surprise when I visited your site this afternoon and saw an entire post devoted to me. I am the mysterious peeker, the strange IP of whom you wrote.

Don't ask me why I didn't simply link to your site from the comment you made on my blog. At the time, it seemed much easier to google and get to you. When I saw your recent comment on my April post about the Yankees, I knew that I had to see what you were all about. I was intrigued by the person who had waited six months to get on my case about my baseball team. Might I just say, for the record, that I like your Cubs and am sorry about their untimely demise this postseason. I saw them play at Wrigley this year during a business trip out to Chicago - great field, great team, horrid manager. But back to the matter at hand...

Don't ask me why I didn't comment. I have no excuse for this either. That said, I thoroughly enjoy your writing, your wry wit, your clever prose. Basically, I like your moves. I dig your style.

Anonymous said...

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