Wednesday, June 6, 2007

the soul-baringly honest blog

Most of the blogs I see (many of my friends') are honest, and this is a good thing. Very often, the blog is used as a little vent to release some steam-- to talk about their lives from a slightly different perspective, and to a markedly different audience, than they might find in ordinary conversation. And especially practical is the blog's lack of consequences. Joe Blogger can say things about his boss that Joe Smith certainly couldn't tell his boss in person (and I don't mean rude or dangerous things, just honest criticism-- which, unfortunately, is never as welcomed as some people claim it will be).

I appreciate the function of the blog as an outlet, and a chance to be someone else for a few minutes, to speak with total freedom and no inhibitions (or almost). But I also love cleverness, if it is genuine, and I think I enjoy clever blogs more than honest blogs. (I'm sure it's possible to do both, but generally they come at each other's expense.) The problem is that I am not very clever, and most often find myself in the middle of some pretty unclever but also insubstantial whining. I capture the worst of both worlds.

And so, in another blogcliche, I vow to be more entertaining from now on. And maybe I can link to stuff-- that always looks neat.