Monday, October 1, 2007

a show that I am a little bit ashamed to admit I watch sometimes

is Sex and the City. WGN just started rerunning old episodes (I have no idea how old, or what season, or how many season there were or anything whatever), and sometimes after everyone is in bed I will catch one. And they're always so dramatic. Last night, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) got arrested for smoking weed. What? I definitely did not think of those girls as potheads, did you?

Sometimes, things happen to me that are more like the show than like my life, and I don't know whether to enjoy it or be disgusted. I blogged one of them a couple weeks ago. Currently there are at least three girls that I communicate with somewhat regularly, like I'm garnering a rolodex of potential romances. Of course none of the three is even remotely close to being serious. Two are barely even acquaintances that I met this summer or since, and one is hundreds of miles away. But still, there's a little, even if it's very little, more than nothing on the radar, so to speak, and I don't believe that's ever happened before. Question is, do I want anything on my radar now? I kind of think no.

I don't generally like the same girl for very long (great, right? so classy?). I pursue intermittently, gradually or suddenly, whatever. But the point is, as soon as a girl likes me, I am immediately over it. As soon as I get what I want, I don't want it any more. Like any kind of a relationship right now. Yuck, not interested.

'What a shitty way to be!' you cry. And you are right, I guess. But I don't really care, and I don't expect anything to change any time soon. Sorry (but not really). OK, that's all; bring on the withering criticism.

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crysOakleee said...

The thrill of the chase is always more exciting than finally capturing your victim. (And yes, I am afraid that if you convinced anyone to fall for you, they really would be the victim.)

You should know this from hunting, eh? Stalking the prey and luring them into coming close enough for you to hurt them is the most exciting part. Once you have them in your control and their a bloody mess that can't help themselves in the least and you are left to clean up the scene, the fun suddenly goes out of the whole thing and you'd rather just walk away. Or hope someone else comes up real quick like to claim your kill as their own, and then you can be happy you don't have to gut it and butcher it.