Friday, September 14, 2007

I had the following deep thought lying in bed last night

Blankets are much more comfortable than just the heat they keep in. Even when it's scorchingly hot, sleeping under a sheet is more comfortable, more cozy, than sleeping uncovered. Blankets push us down evenly, gently, but firmly, into our beds. They're like purpose. Purpose in our lives, at the same time that it demands much of us and is always a weight on us, is also overwhelmingly comfortable. Without purpose, we toss and turn. And our hearts are restless.

And now, another lighthearted flight of fancy: everyone has a guardian angel. The angel chose, chooses Good and God from the beginning. They choose good as completely as the greatest saints. Angels never sin. And our guardian angels help us constantly-- they remind us to pray, they wake us up when we are about to oversleep, and they can steer us away from temptation. Over the course of a person's life, the cumulative effect of all his angel's prodding and assistance must be unfathomable. They truly must change the course of lives drastically. Now I would like to meet Hitler's guardian angel. I wonder if he gets ribbed a lot by the other residents of heaven.

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Katie Leigh said...

I am very intrigued at how this post went from blankets to guardian angels.

Actually, that's a subject I'd love to hash out with a small intimate group over some drinks while hanging out in someone's apartment: what has your guardian angel saved you from/musings about them in general.

We should do that sometime, or else something similar.