Thursday, July 31, 2008

Or at least get run over by a bus

a sestina, by me

I certainly didn’t expect to
Have to write a sestina when
I had this great idea in the first
Place. They’re super complicated, plus I
Am not that good at this to begin with.
But I’ll give it a shot.

That’s what I thought: a shot
In the dark is the only way anyone’s going to
Come up with
Sestina as their poem of choice when
They leave their comment. I
Should have thought this over first.

Most people just made fun of me. The first
Few were hacks taking their shot –
Which is fine – that’s what I
Expected to
Happen. But that was when
I didn’t know what I was dealing with.

Out of nowhere, with
Malice like Cain’s first
Murder, when
He shot
His brother to
Get back at him, I

Was blindsided. I
Was nailed with
No mercy by Falwless, pinned to
My own promises. First
I did a shot
Of whiskey, and when

I had one, I wanted another, and when
I had ten, I
Decided to not even give it a shot.
It was a lucky stab anyway, and I didn’t deserve to be stuck with
Punishment for that. But that was only at first.
I knew I couldn’t bring myself to

Go back on my word just to make things easier. When
Someone gets me first, I
Turn the other cheek. But when I do, I’m secretly praying that she’ll get shot.


Falwless said...


Wow, retard, you're nothing if not on top of the ball! I had to rifle through several pages of posts to remember when I requested this sestina. May 29, 2008. Nothing like a three-month late sestina.

But it was beautiful. Especially the ending. I love you, too.

A Margarita said...

I'm enjoying the poetry. I think we need to see more of it. Perhaps in an epic format.