Friday, August 31, 2007

Pet peeves

Quite honestly, I'm not big on pet peeves. Things don't really tend to get under my skin very often. When someone asks me what bothers me most, I usually say, "umm, unngghh, raw tomatoes, uhh, bad drivers, glundkkh um, being really thirsty, indecisiveness... I don't know." I don't like those things, but none of them really get on me. Nevertheless, inspired by a co-worker, I will now compile the list of my top ten pet peeves.

1. When there is so much snow on a windshield that the wipers can't get all the way down, and just scunch against the snow.
2. When boogers look like green plastic and you think maybe it's a broken piece of lego.
3. People who complain about drama, and end up making a big deal about how they hate when someone makes a big deal of anything.
4. No toilet paper.
5. People who don't think I'm awesome.
6. Clogged sinuses.
7. splinters.
8. the thought of an old bald man scraping his head on a chalkboard, and the skin slides right off.
9. oh, no, what if aliens attack
10. fat people.

Very unoriginal, and a little snarky, but what can I say, that's me.

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crysOakleee said...

Are you really afraid of aliens?