Monday, August 13, 2007

I couldn't help wondering

when I was reading through some random blogs "how many of these people have killed themselves since writing this?" And I'm not sorry, because... I'm just not.

I mean this moaning and griping, are you serious? It makes me smile, because, I mean, stop being such a whiner, right? Here's the deal, all you depressed people: don't say, "I wish someone cared about me and could tell me so," because all you'll get is a manufactured response. Maybe write something interesting. Then people will want to talk to you. Being depressed is not attractive. So snap out of it. Get a life. Stop being such a loser. You're a dork. Maybe you should just kill yourself.

I hope you found this encouraging, if you didn't kill yourself already. There is always hope that you can stop being who you are and be someone else who is not so annoying.

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