Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's try this one again

Ok, so maybe the last ones were a little too hard, so this time I'm going to put twenty instead of ten but make them easier (hopefully).

Let's say everyone can get up to three guesses if you want 'em. Or maybe four. Don't just go down the whole list, because that's gay, and by gay I mean homosexual.

Besides, this is a good game.

Movie Quotes, Take Two... Action!

1. “Let’s kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy.” Independence Day -Asiankp

2. “Betsy said we had to break up or get married, so we got married.” Sleepless in Seattle --Crystal

3. “Run, Luke, run.” Star Wars -Crystal

4. “Run, Forrest, run.” Forrest Gump -Margarita

5. “I’m sorry, is that funny to you? Are you a comedian? Is that what you do now? …This is me leaving. This is me leaving.” Old School -Tiff

6. “Whatever comes out of these gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together, we survive.” Gladiator -Jacob

7. “I want to hear you say that you don’t love me. Because if you say that, then I won’t call you, and I won’t be in your life…” Good Will Hunting -Asiankp

8. “I hope you rot in hell, ya loser! You don’t deserve a car!” Kingpin -Jacob

9. “Jordan fades back; swoosh! And that’s the game! Nothing further, Your Honor.” Liar Liar -Asiankp

10. “There’s a monster outside my room can I have a glass of water?” Signs -Tiff, confirmed by Jacob

11. “No water, no thank you. No, fish make love in it. Thank you so much. No, I don’t like that. No, I really don’t want… No, no, thank you very much. No, thank you, madam. I’m a vegetarian.” Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade -Peter

12. “What we need to do here is drive the dagger home. Prepare yourself, Drew. I... am... an agent from the Internal Revenue Service.” Meet Joe Black -Peter

13. “First off, let me give another congratulations to Evan Backstabber- pardon me, Bastard… Baxter, rather! It’s good to see what someone with real talent can do when great opportunities are given to them instead of me.” Bruce Almighty -Asiankp

14. “The window of opportunity to drink and do drugs and take advantage of young girls is growing smaller by the day.” Road Trip -Tiff

15. “Nice man, very smooth! Shit that’s a shame, that was a nice jeep.” Black Hawk Down -Peter

16. “Your boy, Captain America, here. ‘The best of the best of the best, sir!’…‘With honors.’ He’s just really excited, and he has no clue why we’re here. That’s very funny to me… Y’all ain’t laughing, though.” Men in Black -Jacob

17. “Good for the Widow Talan!” The Quiet Man -Crystal

18. “Yeah, but there’s no crease in the paper. When your mom hands you a note to miss school, the first thing you do is, you fold it and you put it in your pocket. I mean, if it’s real, where’s the crease?” Catch Me If You Can -Margarita

19. “Yeah, the last few years have been really hard. Yeah, I helped my former husband start his business and as soon as he gets a little money, he starts screwing around. The he left me for a 20-year-old he met at the gym. Yeah, I walked in on them at a motel in La Jolla. She’s got him naked and handcuffed to the bed. So we divorced, I remarried, then this new one, Bob, he starts falling apart. And it’s just one shitstorm after the other.” Orange County -Jacob

20. “I mean, when I think about my new life and all the exciting things I'm doing, and then I think about what her life must be like—probably still getting up at 5:30 in the morning to pursue her pathetic little dreams—it just makes me sad. I mean where is she really trying to get to anyway? What is she doing in that limo? Who the fuck does she think she is?!”


A Margarita said...

4. Forrest Gump

18. Catch Me If You Can

tiff said...

10 - Signs?

14 - Road Trip

tiff said...

5- Old School!

Asiankp said...
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Asiankp said...

1-Independence Day

9-Liar, Liar

13-Bruce Almighty

7-Good Will Hunting

Jacob said...

6 gladiator
8 kingpin
10 signs
14 road trip
16 men in black
19 orange county

crysOakleee said...

3. Star Wars
17. The Quiet Man

2 is killing me, because I know it, but I can't think of it.

Am I the only one who doesn't cheat at this game?

Winter said...

Stop making crap up, honestly I couldn't guess any of the longer ones.

tiff said...

I love getting credit for ones I didn't guess! unless that makes me gay, because I only guessed 3, like you asked. I'm nothing if not obedient. And totally hetero.

fort knocks said...

oh yeah, doh!
Sorry, Margarita, that was kinda rude.

But I really just wanted to accuse Tiff of feminisbianism.

So@24 said...

Dude, that Liar Liar quote is CLASSIC

tiff said...

hey i'm not a feminisbianist!

Winter said...

Do one for us stupid people.

Anonymous said...

So how did you find my blog?! Richardsresidence
and do I know you?!

fort knocks said...

I don't remember, Richard, and no, I don't know you.

crysOakleee said...

Oh..oh...is 2 Sleepless in Seattle? Is it Niles (or whatever his name is on that movie)? Is it, is it???? I tell you, it's been killing me.

Pink ditz said...

Hahaha, noooo all the easy ones have been done :(.
Is 11 good will hunting too? or love actually?
Fuck it whatever , I don't know any of the ones that are left :(

Princess Pointful said...

I suck.
That is all.
(or I'm just really late on this one)